Milk and Honey Review

When I first saw this book of poems through social media, I thought it seemed interesting. I looked it up on Amazon but didn’t buy it. Fast forward a few years later: I’m in Barnes and Noble, and I see it again. I think to myself that maybe I should get it. I’ve heard good things about it even after I saw it on social media. I was also a bit uneasy about reading because I don’t like poetry. I still decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did give it a chance because it was amazing and thought-provoking. It’s a book that I recommend to girls who are dealing with a painful breakup.


There were some memorable lines in this book that stuck with me and made me think about it for a while before continuing. Some of them include:

“i am learning/how to love him/by loving myself”

“we began/with honesty/let us end/in it too”

“people go/but how/they left/always stays”

And pretty much most of the healing section. I’ve always enjoyed reading things that make me think about it after I’ve finished reading. I’ve also taken some of these lines to a personal level. For example, “you must enter a relationship/with yourself/ before anyone else” was deep for me because I was always self-conscious about myself, and still am to an extent. I sometimes feel like my lack of confidence impacts my relationship with my boyfriend at times. Today, my confidence is a lot higher than it was in high school.

One thing that took me a while to get past was that everything was written in lowercase letters and the lack of punctuation. It’s clearly Kaur’s writing style, but I’m such a grammar nazi haha. I also like to imagine scenes and settings when I read, and that’s a bit difficult when reading poetry. These were minor and did not affect what I thought about the book. I also want to look for her other book of poems The Sun and Her Flowers. Thank you so much for reading.

Side note: Rupi Kaur’s age had me SHOOK. She was my age when she published Milk and Honey. That’s amazing to me.

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