Three Words

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So, I have a bunch of stuff saved on my computer that I’m proud of and contemplated posting some of them here. I recently found an assignment I wrote for a playwriting class I took in college. I had to write a scene with two characters, and their dialogue couldn’t be more than three words.

As I’m reading through it — and seeing the other content I have on my laptop — I begin the think: have enough people seen the fine pieces of work I’ve created? When I started Yours Truly, Tasha B., I contemplated posting some of my short stories and stuff here, but fear, doubt, and distrust prevented me from doing so.

Now, I’m being brave and showing the world a short stage play I wrote that I’m quite proud of. It’s a pretty melodramatic scene appropriately called “Three Words.” (I know, I’m soooo creative!) Anyway, I think it’s pretty good, so here:

Three Words

BRENDA: I hate you!

JACOB: Don’t say that.

BRENDA: You ain’t shit!

JACOB: Stop that!

BRENDA: You’re a pig.

JACOB: Look, I’m sorry.

BRENDA: No, you’re not.

JACOB: Stop being difficult.

BRENDA: You hurt me.

JACOB: I know.

BRENDA: You don’t care.

JACOB: Yes, I do.

BRENDA: Obviously, you don’t.

JACOB: I was vulnerable.

BRENDA: So, what?

JACOB: I needed affection.

BRENDA: So, you cheat?!

JACOB: Where were you?

BRENDA: I had priorities.

JACOB: I had needs.

BRENDA: You couldn’t wait?

JACOB: No, I couldn’t.

BRENDA: You bastard.

JACOB: I’m sorry.

BRENDA: Stop saying that!


BRENDA: You’re not sorry.

JACOB: Brenda, please.

BRENDA: Get out.

JACOB: I’m not leaving.

BRENDA: Get out now!

JACOB: Let’s just talk.

BRENDA: It’s over.

JACOB: Come on.

BRENDA: Please just leave.

JACOB: Okay, fine.

When doing this assignment, I learned that a lot could be said using just three words. You’d be surprised to see how many complete stories can be told using only a few sentences or even a few words. It also makes the dialogue seem more realistic since most people don’t blurt out long paragraphs when they’re arguing. Unless they’re arguing over text, but that’s beside the point.

After reading over this scene again, I also didn’t realize how toxic Brenda is. This girl was over here telling poor Jacob there were other things more important than him when he just needed some love and affection!! I’m not condoning his cheating, either. They were both wrong and need to have a serious discussion on priorities and boundaries in their relationship. Perhaps there could be a part 2 in the making? 🤔

I think I might start doing this more often, though. It’s fun rediscovering old pieces of my writing and seeing how much I’ve improved over the years. I wonder what I’ll find next as I mindlessly go through my folder documents. Thanks so much for reading!

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