I’m Selling on Mercari!

Hello there! 🥰️

Super short and straightforward post today. Recently, I decided to get rid of some of the clothes I don’t wear anymore to make some more space in my closet. Quite a bit of these clothes have only been worn once or have been sitting in my closet with the price tag still on. I can have a bad habit of buying clothes on impulse because I think they’re cute even though I’d probably never wear them! As a result, I have a crowded closet and don’t even wear half of what’s in it. Instead of throwing them away, I figured why not try to sell some of them online. I get to have some space in my closet while making a little extra money. Can’t go wrong with that!

Most of the clothes that I stopped wearing are still in pretty good condition. I only stopped wearing them because they got too small, I bought them way too big, or I just stopped liking how they looked on me. I have a ton of cute clothes that may not look good on me anymore but will probably look fabulous on you! Check them out.

Check out what I’m selling on Mercari!

Anywho, if you’re interested in purchasing some gently used clothing online for super low prices, check ya girl out on Mercari. So far, I’ve only made one sale, and I’m pretty jacked up about it! I’m wondering if I should start selling some more things I don’t use anymore online as a side hustle. Because I have a butt-ton of good quality items that I no longer use for various reasons. Maybe we’ll see how the clothes go, and then I’ll start adding some shoes, purses, and other accessories.

If you want to see what I have to offer on Mercari, click here to view my profile. You’ll find a lot of really cute clothes on there for incredibly low prices because I need to get rid of A LOT! Go ahead and browse around for a bit, and don’t forget to keep checking back for new items. The support will mean so much to me. Also, I promise to quickly ship the goods out so you can get them as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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