Yours Truly, Tasha B

After weeks of deciding on the perfect new name for my blog, I’ve finally come to a decision, and I am so excited!! I have officially retired Tasha B’s World, and my blog is now dubbed (drum roll 🥁) Yours Truly, Tasha B. ✨

I think it’s so catchy and so me! There were a lot of supportive people who gave me wonderful suggestions (because I suck at coming up with names), and I couldn’t get over this one. Something about “Yours Truly, Tasha B” sounded intriguing. I initially wanted my blog’s new name to be an alliteration and something shorter, but I also didn’t want this cool name to go to waste. I was prepared to use the name “Yours Truly, Tasha B” for something else. Anything else. I didn’t know what, but I wanted that name to be used for something!

I thought about it some more over the last few weeks and even created a logo with the name “Yours Truly, Tasha B” on it. The moment I finished my logo, I knew that’s what my blog had to be called. It was too perfect. So with the help of my brother-in-law, I upgraded my WordPress plan, purchased the domain, and can now take advantage of everything WordPress Premium has to offer!

Let me tell you, it feels so good to have my own domain and not have at the end of my website 😂 I feel so official, and I’m still giddy with excitement even though I purchased the domain on Sunday. I have my own website! I AM SOMEBODY!!!!

I’m for sure going to take advantage of and learn more about these new features in this premium plan. If my site suddenly changes, it’s because I’m exploring everything. I’m also not very tech-savvy, so I may need a little help trying to navigate all this. Of course, it’s also unfortunate that I started branding everything under the name “Tasha B’s World” for almost a year, and now all that’s out the window. I’m still excited about this new beginning. Cheers to my first post as Yours Truly, Tasha B! 🎉

Thank you so much for reading!

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