Therapy for Black Girls Podcast


I wanted to share this new podcast that I came across back in November. During one of my therapy sessions, the therapist recommended that I start listening to a podcast called Therapy for Black Girls. At the time, I never listened to podcasts because I thought they weren’t really my thing. Like the thought of listening to someone just talking nonstop seemed boring to me, and I thought I couldn’t bring myself to listen to a podcast without getting distracted.

I figured that I should give this podcast a try because why not? If my therapist thought it would be beneficial to me, then it was probably worth a shot. So I started listening to it, and guys, I freakin’ love it!


The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is hosted by an Atlanta, Georgia licensed psychologist named Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Its focus is on making mental health topics more accessible and relevant for black women. Dr. Joy frequently has other specialists as guests on the podcast, and they have discussions on several different mental health topics and how they affect black women. She also has really cool segments called “On the Couch,” where she and a guest therapist would discuss what they think a therapy session with a specific fictional character would be like. On her website, she also provides a lot of helpful resources as well as a way for people to find therapists in their area.

The episodes are very informative, and Dr. Joy provides loads of information and advice to help people become better versions of themselves. Many of the topics she discusses on the podcast include sex, relationships, family, friendship, managing stress, setting boundaries, and so much more. Some of the episodes that have been helpful for me are the one about mothers and the one about setting boundaries. I also enjoy how much she promotes sisterhood and encourages black women to support, encourage, and learn from one another.

I started from the first episode and am currently working my way up to the more recent ones. As of now, I left off on episode 73, and still have quite a bit more to get through; there are over 140 episodes! I listen to the podcast inconsistently (sometimes once a week or once every other week), and she adds new episodes every week. With those factors, it might be a while before I finally catch up. I also skipped some of the episodes because I didn’t think certain ones would resonate with me as much as others would.

Since I started listening to Therapy for Black Girls, I’ve decided that I actually do enjoy podcasts and started looking for and listening to some other podcasts. I’ve listened to a few episodes of the Laura Cleary Podcast and I saved another one called Annotated by Book Riot but haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet. I want to get through Therapy for Black Girls before starting another podcast, but since there are so many episodes that I need to get through, I may go from podcast to podcast. We’ll see.

I listen to Therapy for Black Girls on Spotify, but I’ve heard Dr. Joy mention that you can listen to the podcasts on Apple Podcast as well. Click here to visit the Therapy for Black Girls website for more information.

If you haven’t listened to Therapy for Black Girls yet, I totally recommend it. You’ll learn a lot. If you’re already listening to the podcast, let me know what you like the most about it.

Thanks for reading!

**PS. The Therapy for Black Girls image does not belong to me.

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