Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Review

Hey, hey!

You remember how I was so excited to try the Royal Oils line from Head & Shoulders? Well, I finally did it, and here’s how it went down:


I was so eager to have the entire collection that I bought everything the day before I washed my hair, and I mean EVERYTHING! I got the shampoo, the conditioner, the deep conditioner, the co-wash, and a different scalp cream. All of it cost just under $40, and yes, I know I’m insanešŸ˜…. As I was putting each item in my cart,Ā  I was thinking, “I’m either about to make a great investment or waste a butt-ton of money.” It turns out I did the latter.

On my last post, I mentioned that the first scalp cream I bought made my scalp burn and that I thought it was because there was an ingredient that I was allergic to in there. When I used the shampoo and conditioner, I got that same burning sensation, and I shed more hair than I ever have while washing it. Being theĀ stubborn person I am, I kept making excuses as to why my scalp was burning and why my hair was shedding so excessively. I thought maybe it’s just all in my head. Maybe because I haven’t combed my hair in over a month, it’s only a bunch of dead hair coming out. Maybe it’s because my scalp is still sensitive from the last hairstyle I got. It’s not too bad this time. Maybe it’s just the shampoo. Once I condition my hair, it will all be okay.

It was not okay. The burning actually got worse when I conditioned my hair. It was so bad that I had to rinse it out almost immediately. What made things worse is that as I was rinsing everything out of my hair, my face started burning too! At that point, I knew I had to stop being an idiot and get this stuff out of my hair. I didn’t even want to use the deep conditioner.

Minus all the scalp burning, the shampoo wasn’t too terrible. It made my hair feel soft, it lathers very well, and it smells amazing! The conditioner wasn’t as good as the OGX Coconut Curls, in my opinion. But then again, I didn’t leave it in for as long as I usually do. What really disappointed me was that it didn’t give me the slip that I like. It kinda just sat on my hair, and that was a bit of a let-down. I wish I could have something to say about the co-wash, deep conditioner, and the other scalp cream. Sadly, it seems as though the Head & Shoulders Royal Oils collection doesn’t react too well with my scalp for whatever reason.

I returned everything the next day and was so glad I was able to get my money back. I was so excited to try the new line, but apparently, it didn’t love me as much as I wanted to love it. Because I couldn’t use everything like how I planned to, I can’t really say if I’d continue using the Royal Oils collection if I hadn’t gotten a bad reaction to it. I almost didn’t even want to write this blog, because I wouldn’t have been able to give an accurate review of the products I used.

Thank you for reading anyway!


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