My First Concert


Last Sunday, I went to my first ever concert! My boyfriend and I went to see Twenty One Pilots perform at the BB&T Center, and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life. I had this preconceived thought that it would be an uncomfortable experience for me because when I think of concerts, I think of mosh pits and overly-excited people invading my personal space. As we got closer to the concert date, I started pushing those negative thoughts away and started thinking about how it could turn out to be fun. It was a wonderful first experience, and I’m glad I got to go with the love of my life.

Two different artists performed as the opening acts. The first artist, Max Frost, was okay to me. I probably wasn’t into his performance as much because the elevator-like music that was playing while they were setting up was putting me to sleep! I enjoyed Awolnation, the band after that performed after Max Frost, a lot more. What I liked the most was the cool flashing lights and their energetic performance.

Everything about the Twenty One Pilots performance was mesmerizing to me. Their first act had a car that was on fire! After seeing that, I knew it was going to be an exciting show. There was also this part where the lead singer Tyler jumped from off this high platform, fell under the stage, and ended up on a different platform on the other side of the arena. There were so many amazing and over-the-top parts during the performance that if I go too in detail about it, this post will be way too long. Some of my favorite bits were when there the crowd carried the duo while they were on platforms and how they went from the main stage to a smaller stage by crossing this cool metal bridge suspended over the crowd. A moment that I thought was funny, but also a bit odd, was this video of a red beanie floating around and then it slowly descended down on the stage.

I also loved all of the cool, colorful strobe lights and the special effects. I thought it was amazing how during some of their songs they were covered by a sheer black drape with holograms of the duo and a bunch of other special effects. I can only imagine the amount of time, effort, and dedication they put in that concert.

My boyfriend, who’s been to a Twenty One Pilots concert before, told me about what to expect. He mentioned that they usually wore masks during their performances, which they did for a little bit. He also said that they sang covers of other songs, which they also did. My favorite was “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

I could also tell that Tyler and Josh seemed like laid back guys. Their close friendship also seemed clear to me, especially since Josh had Tyler’s name written on his on his abdomen during some parts of the performance. Tyler also bigged Josh up quite a bit during the show. It was also nice how they included the Max Frost and Awolnation in the part of the performance where they did the song covers.

What made me really enjoy the overall experience was that I didn’t allow all the screaming and other people crowding me ruin it for me. Sure, I did get slightly annoyed at the girl that accidentally stepped on my foot and kept flashing her hair in my face, but I still had fun! Being there with my boyfriend also made it a better experience.

I can now say that I’ve been to a concert. Would I ever go to another one? Of course! I had way too much fun at this last one that I’ve been to. I feel like a whole new person who’s broken out of her cocoon and is ready to see more of the world! Thank you so much for reading.

P.S. I’m not too sure how copyright laws work with posting images, so I’m playing it safe and not posing the pictures that I took from the concert 😦


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