4c Natural Hair YouTubers

Hello! Lately, I’ve been following a bunch of natural hair pages on Instagram and watching hair tutorials on YouTube. I’m still doing all that I can to make my hair flourish, and seeing all of the pictures and videos makes me love my natural hair even more. I’m learning what my hair likes and doesn’t like, I’m trying some new products, and I’m getting a little bit more patient with my hair. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to natural hair tips and inspiration!

I also have Pinterest to thank for finding these 4c natural hair YouTube channels that I’m starting to love. These five channels are my go to’s for 4c natural hair tips, tutorials, and product reviews and recommendations.

westafricanbaby: I follow her on Instagram too and mostly watch her videos and tutorials through there. Her hair is amazing, and she’s partially the reason why I’m starting to like products from Taliah Waajid. Her tutorials are fantastic, and she’s such an inspiration.

kbmaria: I believe I discovered her on my own while searching for hairstyle tutorials. I watched several of them from her channel and enjoyed how detailed they were. My favorite one from her was the flat twist out (which ended pretty horribly for me haha). She also posts fashion videos.

Jacinta Nwabuogu: I also discovered her own my own. She’s so adorable, and I mostly watched her hair maintenance videos (how to properly moisturize, detangle and pre-poo, trim, etc.) Sadly, she hasn’t posted anything new in quite a while.

Chizi Duru: I actually first came across her on a sponsored Instagram post where she was doing a review on a hairdryer from Revlon. A couple of months later I watched an inspiring video of hers on YouTube called “I Hate My 4c Natural Hair.” I immediately subscribed after watching that video, watched some of her product reviews, and found out that she was indeed the same girl that I saw on Instagram with the Revlon blowdryer after seeing the full video. She’s hilarious!

LivingWithOsa: She’s also very sweet. I watch her videos for her hair product reviews and her tips for hair growth.

I’ve also subscribed to a lot more 4c natural hair YouTube channels, but haven’t gotten a chance to go through them all yet. Once I get through some videos of each channel, I can write a review about them. Thank you so much for reading.



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