22 Places I Want to Visit

I wanted to create this post this a week ago, but you know, life happened and such. Last week Thursday was my 22nd birthday. I got to spend it with my loved ones, and it was enjoyable. I had no idea what kind of birthday post I wanted to do at the time; I was torn between doing “22 Things About Me” or “22 Places I Want to Visit.” I never got to sit down and write 22 things about myself, and I already have a large bucket list of places that I want to go. So, here’s 22 places that I want to visit before I die.

  1. Greece; Anywhere is fine. I’ve seen pictures, and I think Greece is a beautiful country
  2. Japan; I’ve had a classmate study abroad in Japan once, and she had a great experience. It seems daring, and I’d love to visit one day.
  3. Bora Bora; A beautiful island with gorgeous beaches. Need I say more
  4. Hawaii; Same as above. I want to visit every Hawaiian island.
  5. South Africa; I’ve also seen pictures and think that it’s a beautiful place. Again, an old classmate of mine went there once, and she had a wonderful experience
  6. Australia; I only know of Sydney and Melbourne. Australia is another beautiful country that I would like to see one day.
  7. Paris; IT’S THE CITY OF LOVE! And it has the Eiffel Tower!
  8. Virgin Islands; Again, the beaches.
  9. Spain; Because why not visit a Spanish-speaking country? I was considering Barcelona.
  10. Brazil; Who wouldn’t want to visit Brazil? Take me to Rio!
  11. Canada; Just because I’ve always wanted to visit there
  12. Nevada; Particularly Las Vegas. I need to visit there. Like NEED.
  13. California; Several cities that I want to visit in the beautiful Cali. Las Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco, Hollywood (you know, the major cities)
  14. Alaska; Because why the hell not? YOLO, right?
  15. Tennessee; It’s something different, and I think I’d enjoy it
  16. Colorado; The mountains!
  17. Arizona; Particularly Phoenix just for the view
  18. Louisiana; Particularly New Orleans. JAZZ! Also, Mardi Gras hehe
  19. Texas; Particularly one of the major cities like Houston or Dallas. Everything is bigger in Texas
  20. Florida Keys; The beaches!
  21. Naples; Again, the beaches!
  22. Cayman Islands; I’ve been there already, but I want to go back.

Thank you for reading.



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