Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Review

Warning: Contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again yet, do not continue reading this post. You’ve been warned.

I saw the first Mamma Mia movie back in June on Netflix. A coworker of mine was telling me about how excited she was about seeing the second Mamma Mia movie, and I mentioned to her that I hadn’t seen the first one yet. She said to me that I had to see it because it was so good, so I found it on Netflix and watched it. I thought it was a good movie, but was a little turned off that it was a musical (except for the Dancing Queen scene; I was jamming out to that bit).

After watching the first one, I was ready to see the second one. I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the first one, and here’s why:

I appreciated Sophie’s dedication to honoring her mother Donna by reopening the hotel that she ran many years ago. Of course, I was shooketh that Donna was dead in this film.  I was looking forward to Donna being in this one, but her being dead is what makes the movie. I was satisfied with her short appearance in the end, though. You could tell how determined Sophie was to have such a spectacular grand reopening of the hotel for her mom. Also, it was sad that she had all of that on her shoulders while dealing with relationship problems with her lover. I’ve grown a little bit more attached to Sophie after seeing the second film.

What I enjoyed the most about the movie was Donna’s backstories. I liked being able to see how she was in the past, and I loved seeing her story with each of her lovers. It was nice to see how Donna began running the hotel and how adventurous she was when she was younger.


I think that there weren’t as many music bits in this movie than in the last one. I did like the musical numbers more in this film, though. My favorite one was Mamma Mia (obviously!)

They did an excellent job with casting the younger versions of the original characters, particularly Tanya and Rosie. The actress who played younger Tanya could almost pass for Christine Baranski’s daughter or something. The thing that changed about older Rosie was her hair color, but past Rosie looks so similar to Rosie from the first movie.


There were a few small things in the movie that didn’t sit too well with me. First of all, the movie trailer was misleading. Based on what I saw, I thought that the audience would know from the beginning of the movie that Sophie was pregnant. I figured most of the film was going to be told as a backstory of Donna’s young life, but I was thinking that Tanya and Rosie were telling Sophie the story about how Donna was able to run a hotel while raising a child with no idea who the dad is.

I know it’s been a couple of months since I watched the first movie, but I was confused about the order in which she met her lovers. I was under the impression that Sam was revealed to be Sophie’s father because he was the first one Donna slept with. After rereading a synopsis and remembering that Sophie’s father was never revealed, I was still confused. Donna’s diary in the first film read that Sam was the first guy that she met and slept with, but the second film has Bill being the first guy that she met and slept with.

bill harry sam

Apparently, the entire internet noticed the change in order because many different websites mention it. I also read that the order was changed to make each relationship more significant as opposed to Donna just sleeping around.

A different coworker of mine who saw the movie before I did told me that he thought it was way too happy, and I can kind of see why. There wasn’t really any conflict or climax in the movie. Did I still enjoy the movie? Certainly. It wasn’t too bad. The music was fun, the backstories were beautiful, the romances were cute, and the Super Trouper song at the end was great. I loved how they ended it like how they ended the first movie. What did you think of the second Mamma Mia? Thank you so much for reading.

**PS, these images do not belong to me.

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