How to Get Soft Lips

Hello there 🙂 if you’ve read some of my previous posts like The Wonders of Vaseline, How to Deal with Boob Sweat, and How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones, then you’d know that I Google search a lot of simple beauty hacks and life hacks. Back in my second semester of college, I wanted to have softer lips. After researching several ways to get softer lips using items from home, I stuck with two straightforward methods.

One way to get your lips super soft is to rub sugar on them. Take about a spoonful of sugar (cue the Mary Poppins song!), pick some up with your clean fingers, and rub them all over your lips in a circular motion. The little grains of sugar removes the dead skin cells from your lips, which makes them a lot softer. It acts as an exfoliate, and you notice the difference right away after you rinse it off. I used to do this method a lot during my second semester of college, but I did it less and less over the years until I eventually stopped. Now I use the sugar method every once in a blue moon, like when I want to have really super kissably soft lips 🙂

The other way to get your lips softer is to use your toothbrush. Every time I brush my teeth, I always brush my lips for a few seconds as well. The bristles gently remove dead skin cells, similarly how using sugar would. Both methods do the trick on getting softer lips, but I would say that the sugar method gets them a little bit softer; I’ve noticed from personal experience.

Now that you know how to make your lips softer, it’s time to keep them soft. First and foremost, stay hydrated. When your mouth dries up, so do your lips. To protect your lips and prevent them from becoming dry and chapped, you should be wearing chapstick (or Vaseline if you use it like I do) regularly. Also, try not to lick your lips as much because that’s another way that they will get chapped. Whenever I rub sugar on my lips, I immediately put Vaseline on right after. This protects them from getting too dry after I rinsed the sugar off. It also prevents me from licking my lips because sugar tastes so good!

Also to keep your lips soft, you need to stay consistent with your routine. If you want to stick to the sugar method, aim to do it about three times a week. If you prefer using the toothbrush method, brush your lips every time you brush your teeth. I wouldn’t recommend doing both methods at the same time because you may be over-exfoliating if you do.

There you have it! These are two simple ways to get softer lips that you (and your significant other 😉) will love. Thank you so much for reading.


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