My Top Bath and Body Works Fragrances


When it comes to perfumes, Bath and Body Works is the place where I get them. I first became obsessed with their fragrances when I took one from my mom’s room to wear one time two years ago. The name of it was Snowkissed Sugar, and it smelled great. I wish I could remember exactly how it smelled, but it’s been too long 😦 a product description on Amazon describes it as “a delicate blend of spun sugar, chilled coconut, vanilla orchid, plum and winter musk,” whatever the heck that means.

It doesn’t matter much anyway because it was a limited edition scent only and is no longer sold in stores. I learned that the hard way when I tried to buy another bottle of it a year later. The store associate said some of their fragrances get discontinued and that they more than likely didn’t carry the perfume that I was looking for, thus leaving me heartbroken 😥

The store associate did, however, introduce me to what is now my new favorite fragrance from Bath and Body Works. I learned that it is Bath and Body Works’ best selling and longest lasting fragrance, and it’s called A Thousand Wishes. This was one of the fragrances that I got in a buy two get one (or buy three get two–whatever that sale is). It’s something that I would wear on special occasions, like a date night with my boo or an event where I dress up. It’s such a sexy scent that sort of reminds me of fruits and champagne. It’s a light scent, but it also makes me feel like I’m the baddest b*tch in the room. *inserts see-no-evil monkey emoji*


Another fragrance that I bought, and am currently using now, is Warm Vanilla Sugar. I’ve always loved the scent of vanilla, so I had to get a vanilla smelling fragrance. I started using this one once I ran out of A Thousand Wishes. This is the fragrance that I would wear on any other day. As the name implies, it smells a lot like vanilla with a hint of brown sugar.


The third fragrance that I got during that sale was honestly just a random one. It’s called Beautiful Day, and I think of springtime when I use it. It smells a lot like apples and flowers. I planned to start using that one once Warm Vanilla Sugar runs out, but I don’t want to wear it as an everyday fragrance. I feel like it’s more of a special occasion type of perfume.


Last month, I bought a new bottle of A Thousand Wishes and a different vanilla scent since mine is almost out. I purchased Vanilla Bean, and now regret it a little. It’s vanilla scented, but it’s much more subtle than the Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance. I prefer a more prominent smell of vanilla, and the Vanilla Bean was too light for my taste. I don’t know why I didn’t just get the kind that I liked, but oh well. We live, and we learn.


I want to cut down to two fragrances, and my top two would be A Thousand Wishes and Warm Vanilla Sugar. I’ll still usee the other two until their gone, but my heart wants what it wants. Thank you so much for reading.


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