New Hair Product Alert

Greetings! I’ve started taking better care of my hair in hopes that it’ll flourish. Since getting my hair done, I’ve been putting S.O.S. Nourishing Scalp Elixir from Au Naturale on my scalp to keep it oiled, and I’ve been using tea tree oil for the itching. Not washing my hair since getting it done, oiling my scalp every day, and sweating a lot caused my scalp to start smelling bad. No bueno. To fix this, I ordered a hair cleanser called Moisture Clenz by Taliah Waajid from Amazon.

I read about this cleanser from another website called After reading several reviews on it, I decided to try it out so I could keep my hair cleansed before I rewash it. I tried looking for it at Walmart and the beauty supply store by my house, but they didn’t have it. As a result, I had to order it online.


I was too excited when the product arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Last night before I went to bed, I sprayed the Moisture Clenz on my scalp and used a damp rag to rub the buildup off my scalp. First of all, this cleanser smells divine. It has peppermint oil in it, and it helped with the itching a bit. It worked well with eliminating the odor, too. Before trying this cleanser, I used to scratch my head and flinch when I sniffed my finger right after. After using this, I immediately noticed that my scalp didn’t smell as awful as it did before. All day today I scratched my head and sniffed my finger after, and it didn’t smell horrible.

So far, I’m loving this Moisture Clenz. I plan to continue using it anytime I get braids or twists again. I also considered looking for and trying a few other products from Taliah Waajid to see how I like them. Maybe I might have a new brand of products to add to my favorites. Thank you so much for reading.


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