Ocean’s 8 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen Ocean’s 8 yet, do not continue reading. You have been warned.

After seeing the trailer for Ocean’s 8, I thought that the movie would be interesting to see. I didn’t know that there were three other movies before it, but I was told that it’s an entirely different cast and that it should be okay if I didn’t watch the first three. I saw it on Monday night, and I enjoyed it very much. One of the other reasons why I wanted to see Ocean’s 8 is because of the cast. Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Awkwafina, Anne Hathaway: they’re all great!

This movie takes girl power to a whole new level. I love how all these women came together to accomplish something impossible, even if that something was illegal. Although Sandra Bullock’s character Debbie Ocean was a criminal, I couldn’t help but love her. That girl is a freakin’ genius. It takes a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of time and careful planning to rob a massive event like the Met Gala.

There was a scene where Rihanna’s character Nine Ball managed to hack into a computer by creating a link to a fake website. When the unsuspecting security guard clicked on the link, Nine Ball had him on a video camera. During that scene, it made me a little bit more wary about if anybody somehow hacked my laptop and is watching me through my webcam. I’ve always blocked my webcam or stayed out of view of it for those reasons.

This film also plays on the stereotype of women holding grudges and being petty. Debbie had 5 years, 8 months, and 12 days to come up with her impossible heist and to frame her ex-lover, Claude Becker, who got her sent to prison. I’m not sure if that was shown in the last movie or not, but it starts with Debbie in prison. There is a brief flashback of how Claude framed her for a crime and testified against her, which is just awful. Dude got what he deserved and didn’t even see it coming.

I also enjoyed Anne Hatheway’s character, Daphne Kluger. It was funny how she wanted to help the other girls with framing Claude for the heist. I initially thought Daphne would be an airhead, but she turned out to be smarter than she led on to be.

What I enjoyed the most about Ocean’s 8 was that it was suspenseful and funny. I was pretty much at the edge of my seat watching and wondering if the girls were going to get caught. It was so nerve-racking when Amita almost got caught taking the $150 million necklace apart. I was internally screaming (I don’t shout at movie theaters like some ratchet people do) for her to hurry up already or for some kind of distraction to happen. Literally, I was holding my breath the entire time. Their plan was also very well thought out, they all worked great together, and they all are just geniuses. Who comes up with ideas of replicating specially made magnets for removing expensive necklaces and creating an exact replica of said necklace? And who would even think about robbing even more fancy jewelry during a lockdown? That’s amazing thinking!

In conclusion, I enjoyed this movie a lot. These are only my opinions, though. Thank you so much for reading. What did you think of Ocean’s 8?

*The picture in the featured image does not belong to me


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