My Skin Care Routine

Hey! I’m excited to share with you all my skincare routine. It’s super simple and it leaves my skin super soft. First I’ll start with my face. I struggled with breakouts in high school, and my dad recommended that I use this special soap. He told me that this carbolic soap is good for clearing up acne, and he was right.



One thing about this mild antiseptic soap is that it has a STRONG scent to it. It’s not a bad scent, at least I don’t think it’s bad, but it is very strong. The way I described it when I first smelled it was that it smelled like Jamaica. I know that’s a horrible description, but I think of Jamaica when I smell it. It’s hard to describe it as anything else. Some reviews say that it smells like cardboard, and this other person described it as a box of band-aids. The scent is the strongest when you open up a new package of soap, and I could still smell it on my face when I used a new bar. After a couple of uses, the scent won’t be as strong and you should become more immune to it.

I wash my face with carbolic soap twice a day, once in the morning and again before going to bed. My acne cleared up fast when I started that routine. It’s been four years since I’ve been using carbolic soap, and I haven’t had any issues with breakouts since. The only time I do break out is when my period is about to come, but it’s not that bad and lasts about a day or two before clearing up again.

Now on to what I use for my body. I’ve always showered using Dove bar soap because it makes my skin super soft. I did, however, recently start using this liquid body wash from Olay. It has a strawberry and mint scent to it, and it’s the greatest. The best part about it is that the scent lasts for a good while after showering. I found this body wash in my bathroom a few months ago, I think a visiting relative was using it, and I fell in love with it. This also made my skin soft and I switched over to it for my body wash. I also wash my face in the shower, and I use the Dove soap for when I do that now.




After I shower, I use Jergens Hydrating Coconut lotion on my face and body. I’ve always struggled to find a lotion that moisturized my skin and kept it soft and not ashy. I’ve used Jergens before and had positive results from it, so I bought the Hydrating Coconut to see how I liked it. Let me tell you, it worked wonders! My skin was soft and moisturized after using it. Usually, my feet get dry and crusty-looking about an hour or so after applying lotion to them. Not this time, though. The best part about this lotion is that it smells sooooo good.


These items that I use for my skincare aren’t expensive and can be purchased anywhere. I get my soap and lotion from Walmart; the body wash is $5, a ten pack of Dove bar soap is $11, and the lotion is $8. I get my carbolic soap from the beauty supply store because I haven’t seen any in Walmart or Walgreens. Carbolic soap from the beauty supply store is like $2. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


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