My Hair Came!!

I’m so excited!! I ordered crochet box braids about three weeks ago from the AliExpress app, and the package FINALLY arrived on Wednesday. BTW, I’m never using the ePacket shipping method again. It takes way too long to arrive for my liking. I’ve ordered a wig and several bundles of hair from AliExpress before, and I’ve never had to wait so long for them to arrive. I digress, though 🙂

I ordered a dark brown ombre, 24-inch, synthetic, box braid crochet hair. I’ve looked in beauty supply stores for ombre hair before, but could never find any. Even if I did find one in the beauty supply store, it would have been a lot more than what I paid for in the app. Ten packs cost me a little less than $50 from AliExpress. It probably would have been a little over $70 if I had gotten it at the beauty supply store.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough hair, which is why I bought ten packs of it. When I get my hair from the beauty supply store, each pack comes with not a lot of hair to work with. This one, however, had plenty. Ten packs should be enough, if not more than enough, to do my whole head.

I’m going to get the hair installed on Thursday, and I can’t wait to see the results! I’ve been without weave since January, and I’m so ready to get some now. I’ll post the after pictures in a different blog post next week. Thanks so much for reading!


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