Walk Band App Compositions

Aside from writing, music is another one of my passions. I have been playing the piano for as long as I can remember. You wanna know the cool part about it? I’ve been playing by ear for all my life! I learned how to read sheet music in my 6th-grade chorus class, and I learned the proper fingering techniques for the piano in my 10th-grade keyboard class. I also learned how to use both hands to play the piano in that class.

In the 9th grade, I came across an app called Walk Band. I only wanted an app that had a piano on it just because, but the updates had some very cool features. I discovered, in my first year of college, that there was a feature where you could compose songs with various instruments. I had way too much fun recreating songs I heard on the radio using the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I felt like an actual artist!

The last time that I composed a song cover was way back in 2016. It was fun, but it was also pretty time-consuming. It was also a teeny bit frustrating when I couldn’t get a song right after so many attempts. I was too focused on my schoolwork to make more compositions, but I feel like I should start again now that I’m finished with school. Composing was frustrating and time-consuming, but it was enjoyable and it made me happy when I finally got the song right.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the audio for my favorite songs on the phone that I have now. They’re on my older phone, but the app was uninstalled 😦 The best I could do was share the links to the virtual MIDI. So here they are. Enjoy 🙂

p.s. I apologize if some of them are laggy. I’m not sure why that keeps happening.

A La Nanita Nana

Break Every Chain

Marvin Gaye

Piano Sonata k.545


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