My 3 Favorite Nail Polishes

Hello! I’ve had a bit of an obsession with nail polish since the beginning of the year. I’ve bought so much polish over the months that I need something like a nail polish carrier to keep them all. My little plastic bag isn’t cutting it anymore, and it’s starting to rip from all the weight.

My absolute favorite brand of nail polish right now is OPI Nail Lacquer. I love this brand because 1) the names for each color are too brilliantly hilarious, and 2) because the colors look gorgeous and it lasts for a good while before chipping. I also love how shiny most of the polishes are. I mostly polish my toes because I wear open-toed sandals a lot when I’m not at work. I’m a wee bit self-conscious about what my feet look like, so to make myself feel better, I keep my toes painted. I’ve been doing this since I was 16.

I rarely polish my fingernails because they don’t last nearly as long as my toenails do with all the manual work I have to do at my job. I must admit, my nails look quite fabulous for those two days before the polish starts chipping and rubbing off! Out of all of the OPI polishes that I’ve bought since December, I have 3 personal favorites so far.

Number one is Meet Me on the Star Ferry. I fell in love with this color the moment that I applied the polish to my fingernails. It’s a pinkish-violet color that I found at Walmart while browsing through the nail section. I picked it up because I thought it was pretty and now I’m hooked! I applied it to my nails, and it actually lasted a couple of days longer than the other ones had, even when I had to work. It also had a little bit of glitter in it that made it look even more beautiful!


Number two is Blue My Mind. This is a sapphire blue polish that is absolutely gorgeous. I bought it because I wanted to add a blue polish to my ever-growing collection, and my favorite color is blue. I’m not sure what I did, maybe it was from touching the hair products that I used, but the polish began losing its shine the day after I painted my nails. It started to look like matte, and I actually loved it even more when it didn’t have the shine to it. It made me consider getting a matte top coat and trying it again. Sadly, this one was all chipped and rubbed off by day 4.


Number three is Purple with a Purpose. This is a gorgeous shade of amethyst with subtle glitter in it. I wanted a purple polish in my collection and, I’m not going to lie, I picked this one just because of the name. Whenever I showed people my painted nails, I told them it’s purple…with a purpose. How can you not love a name like that? This polish also did not last too long before chipping.


I haven’t tried much more nail polish on my fingernails lately because I got tired of them lasting less than a week. I mostly buy the polishes for my toes anyway, but I wanted to try something new at the time. And now I have a growing collection of nail polish. I also have a list of nail polishes for me to find and try.


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